Y/C Plus Inc., USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
    Y/C adapter
  • Y/C adapter for the Video Toaster or Flyer systems
  • Faroudja Laboratories' TDDA
    • two dimensional digital adaptive comb filter
    • removes unwanted video artifacting by comparing each pixel in front, on top and behind
    • far superior to any other comb filter - they compare video information line by line instead of pixel by pixel
  • black level improvement for better colour saturation and vivid colours
  • reduces dot crawl and cross luminance to an absolute minimum
  • delivers more than 450 lines of resolution versus the 275 to 325 lines in composite mode
  • four parallel inputs to the Toaster with two Y/C program outputs (6× mini-DIN)
Y/C Plus Inc. YCP-100 -  front side
front side