Expert Services, USA
  • allows the use of 1 MB Fat Agnus or 2 MB Big Agnus (8372B)
  • eight DIP sockets for 1 or 2 MB Chip RAM
  • 1 MB Chip RAM: 8 256k×4 DIPs have to be installed
  • 2 MB Chip RAM: 4 1M×4 DIPs occupy sockets U6, U8, U10 and U12, jumper J103 has to be set
  • the motherboard Chip RAM becomes true (not pseudo) Fast RAM
  • motherboard RAM addressing can be changed with jumpers to avoid conflicts with other internal RAM expansions - only one address supports autoconfiguring, the others require software
  • supports the expansion of motherboard RAM to 1 MB (piggyback hack)
  • Kickstart ROM socket
  • Kickstart source (disk or ROM) can be selected by a switch
  • battery backed up clock - disabled if other expansions have also a clock installed
  • A2000 style video slot subset (audio and parallel support missing):
    • compatible with the Microway AGA-2000 and Commodore A2320 flicker-fixers
    • if necessary, the missing signals can be fed to the video slot by connecting wires from the mainboard - the necessary eyelets are already existent and labeled
  • replaces the WCS daughterboard in NTSC and early PAL A1000s (later PAL A1000s have no such daughterboard, therefore they are not supported)
  • Agnus, Paula and Denise have to be removed, the latter two goes to the Rejuvenator
  • support for ECS Denise - together with Big Agnus, a full ECS chipset is present
  • connects to the motherboard with some of the existing WCS connections and with custom connectors to the empty custom chip sockets
  • no modifications are required to the motherboard, only three jumper wires have to be connected
Expert Services Rejuvenator -  front side
front side
Expert Services Rejuvenator -  front side
front side
Expert Services Rejuvenator -  back side
back side