Commodore, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
video slot
  • a video deinterlacer board based on the Amber chip from the A3000 motherboard
  • doubles all 15.75 kHz screen modes to 31.5 kHz
  • HD15 VGA connector
  • enable / disable switch
  • full overscan support
  • dual port static RAM bank - new video and cleaned video are read in and outputted simultaneously
  • although originally designed for the A2000 it works in the A4000
    • some modifications are needed to fit the board securely into the A4000 video slot
    • the board gets confused by some of the doubled AGA modes, and rather passing them through it tries to double them to 55 kHz or above - on these modes the board has to be disabled with the switch
    • it samples 12 bits for each colour, on the A4000 the upper 12 bits of the 24 bit AGA information, so AGA screen modes with more than 32 colours or HAM6 will have the colours quantized to a certain degree
  • compatible with some genlocks
Commodore A2320 -  front side
front side
Commodore A2320 -  back side
back side
  • A2320.pdf
    Installation and User's Manual (english)
    637 kB