Individual Computers, Germany
A1200, A4000T, A4000, CD32
Lisa chip
  • all Amiga video modes up to Super Hires are supported and flicker-fixed (with the exception of the A2024 mode)
  • picture refresh rate of at least 60 Hz for all screen modes, resulting in a maximum output pixel clock of 71 MHz
  • 24 bit color support (16.7 million colors)
  • supports interlaced and progressive scan input modes
  • output modes are always progressive scan
  • two output modes can be chosen:
    • Async mode: output pixel clock of Amiga modes are multiplied 2.5 times
    • Vertical Sync mode: exact double of Amiga mode pixel clock (eliminates tearing effects)
  • clips only onto the Lisa chip on motherboard, no soldering required
    • gets power and all signals from this chip
    • sync signals are derived from the inter-chip communication of the AGA chipset
  • DVI-I connector
  • supports border blanking
  • 16 megabyte SDRAM
    • SDRAM is single-ported, thus reading and writing is decoupled by two FIFO buffers and a dual-port SDRAM controller running at 111 MHz
    • only 12 MB are used, 4 MB stay free
  • memory layout of 2048x2048 pixels (= maximum resolution)
  • compatible to Genlocks
  • no passthrough mode (all resolutions are flicker-fixed)
  • FPGA based design with FlashROM
  • Emergency Mode (emergency disk needed) in case a FlashROM update went wrong
  • low heat dissipation due to 2.5V/3.3V design (only the voltage regulator is 5V)
  • boot screen, shown for a pre-defined time - in case important information is displayed (e.g. Guru / Error Screen, Early Startup Menu), this time is reduced
  • no driver needed, however additional screenmodes are supported:
    • HighGFX (1024×786)
    • HD720 (1280×720)
    • Xtreme (1280×1024)
    • SuperPlus (800×600)
  • config tool provided to update flash memory and make adjustments to the output
  • the socket on the board had to be machined to fit properly on the Lisa chip
  • compared to the predecessor, the board features a faster FPGA, faster memory and more flexible pixel clocks - however the main features stay the same
    Indivision AGA MK2 1200 / A4000T (2012)
  • DVI connector is located on a small PCB
    Indivision AGA MK2 4000 / CD32 (2012)
  • DVI connector is located on a small PCB
  • has a different board layout to fit in A4000D and CD32, but has the same features as Indivision AGA MK2 1200 / A4000T
    Indivision AGA MK2cr 1200 / A4000T (2013)
  • cost reduced version:
    • the components from the auxiliary PCB were moved to the Indivision board
    • custom made DVI-I connector (molded type) connects to the board
  • doesn't fit into the A4000T without modification: due to the changed connector for the DVI ouput, the board interferes with the electrolytic capacitor CE164C in the A4000T - this has to be replaced by a lower profile ceramic type to be able to fit the board
  • custom tooling for the socket pins results in a firmer hold on the Lisa chip