Individual Computers, Germany
trapdoor slot
  • CPU: 68EC030 @ 28MHz or 68030 @ 42 / 56 MHz, PGA
  • all processors are slightly overclocked to allow for a synchronous board design, the nominal speeds are 25 / 40 / 50 MHz
  • no FPU option
  • very fast burst timings: 2-1-1-1 (28 MHz), 3-1-1-1 (42 / 56 MHz)
  • 64 MB SD-RAM, soldered to the board
  • memory autoconfig only for Kickstart v3.1 and above
    • for Kickstart 3.0, the memory has to be added by software
  • memory clock: 56 MHz for 28/56 MHz versions, 42 MHz for 42 MHz CPU
  • the first processor card to feature a -1-1-1 burst
  • synchronous design
  • no FPU option as this would have caused too much load on the data bus and would have increased burst timing
  • RTC clock chip as well as battery have to be installed by the user, those were not included in the retail package to cut costs:
    • socket for RTC chip OKI6242 (or compatible)
    • battery socket for a CR1225 or CR1220 cell
  • used CPUs are installed (scratches/dents possible)
  • although socketed, the CPU is not intended to be changed/upgraded - a different logic would be needed for higher frequencies, and the warranty is lost if the sticker is removed
  • no deactivation of the card possible
  • after installation, the trapdoor doesn't fit (plastic parts of it have to be removed)
  • jumper to map 1MB of the memory to address 0x00c00000
    • works for all Kickstart versions
    • results in a speed increase for Kickstart 3.0 as system functions will be located in FastRAM
    • compatibility is increased for A500 software that expects RAM at this address
  • the 56 MHz card is recommended to be operated without trapdoor due to excessive heat