FutureVideo, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
serieller Port
    video edit controller
  • works over 100 consumer and high-end VCRs
  • capable of controlling up to three VTRs at a time
  • two external GPI ports
  • optional SMPTE reader
  • available with cables for RS-422, RS-232 (JVC, Panasonic, Sony), Visca (Sony), Control-M (5 pin Panasonic), Control-L / Lanc (Sony)
  • includes GPI trigger cable for the Video Toaster
  • PAL and NTSC compatible
    V-Station control software
  • tight integration with the Video Toaster
  • support for DPS PAR, TBC III, TBC IV and Sunrize Sound Switch
  • ARexx port with over 100 commands
  • multi event EDLs with auto-assembly
  • A/B roll, sync roll and cuts editing
  • internal GPI that can trigger other software
  • available for Mac and PC too