Sunrize Industries, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
floppy port
    audio mixer
  • synchronises Video Toaster with audio and can be used as a traditional audio mixer
  • external unit, connects to the external floppy port
  • four stereo inputs
  • one stereo output
  • auto detects balanced (+4) and unbalanced (-10 or line level) signals
  • 1/4" Phone jacks for inputs and outputs - equipments providing balanced signal through 3 pin XLR connectors require an XLR to stereo phone adapter
  • audio sources for the SoundSwitch and video sources for the Toaster have to be matched (e.g. if a VTR video output is connected to Toaster's video input #2 then the VTR audio output should be connected to input #2 on the SoundSwitch)
  • PIC microprocessor handles volume control
  • >95 dB dynamic range
  • SoundSwitch Link for the Video Toaster
    • provides audio follow video switching
    • audio transitions
    • sound mixer
  • SoundSwitch - Studio 16 Modules:
  • ARexx controllable