DCE, Germany
A1200, A4000
    flicker fixer / scandoubler
  • doubles the horizontal frequency of PAL, ECS and Euro36 screen modes to 31.5 kHz
  • cannot handle Super72
  • two versions existing
    • flicker fixer: equipped with field memory chips (two large chips in the middle of the board), removes flicker of interlaced screens
    • scan doubler: no field memory chips, does not remove flicker
  • connects internally onto the top of the Lisa chip
  • attaches with a ribbon cable to the external DB23 to HD15 VGA adapter
DCE ScanMagic (Flicker-Magic / ScanDo Internal) -  front side
front side
DCE ScanMagic (Flicker-Magic / ScanDo Internal) -  back side
back side
DCE ScanMagic (Flicker-Magic / ScanDo Internal) - connector board front side
connector board, front side