Kolff Computer Supplies, Netherlands
A500, A500+, A600
A2000, A3000, A4000

trapdoor slot
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
767 / 0
    IBM XT emulation
  • A500, A500+: connects to the trapdoor connector
  • A600: installed in a plastic case under the A600, which is connected to the trapdoor slot with a short ribbon cable and adaptor board
  • Zorro II: the A500 version is connected to a Zorro II adapter card
  • NEC V30 @ 10 MHz processor
  • 1 MB RAM:
    • 704 kB free RAM in MGA/CGA mode
    • 640 kB free RAM in EGA/VGA mode
    • 200 kB extra memory for a reset proof MS-DOS RAM disk
  • in PC mode the board can use up to 8 MB of Amiga Fast RAM as PC memory
  • in Amiga mode the 1 MB RAM acts as Amiga RAM:
    • A500: 512 kB Chip RAM or 512 kB Fast RAM + 512 kB RAM disk
    • A500+, A600: 1 MB Chip RAM
    • A2000, A3000: 1 MB Fast RAM
    • if an Amiga has 8 MB Fast RAM installed, the Power PC Board supplies 512 Kb of Extra RAM only
  • does not multitask with the Amiga
  • uses the Amiga internal serial port, up to 38400 bit/s on a standard A500
  • uses the printer connected to the parallel port
  • uses the Amiga mouse and joystick
  • can use four Amiga floppy disk drives as PC disk drives, supports both 3.5 and 5.25" drives
  • most Amiga hard disk controllers are supported
  • video:
    • MGA (Hercules): 720×348 in 2 colours
    • CGA: 640×200 in 2 colours or 320×200 in 4 colours from a palette of 16
    • EGA: 640×350 in 16 colours from a palette of 64
    • VGA: 640×480 in 16 colours from a palette of 4096
    • software emulated flicker-fixer in any PC interlace mode
  • Adlib and SoundBlaster sound card emulation
  • battery backed up clock for A500 and A600
Kolff Computer Supplies Power PC Board Plus -  front side
front side
Kolff Computer Supplies Power PC Board Plus -  back side
back side

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