Nucleus, Canada
A2000, A3000, A4000
serial port
    single frame controller
  • the hardware part is basically a custom serial interface cable connecting the Amiga's 25 pin serial port to the frame accurate recorder's 9 pin RS-422 serial port
  • the cable contains a special circuitry, it cannot be substituted with a standard serial cable
  • provides playback, forward/reverse looping, manually controlled single frame recording, animation sequence control, tape time code preparation/repair, time code verification, MacroSystem V-Lab frame grab
  • supports VITC and LTC time codes
  • supported display devices: Video Toaster framestores, Impact Vision 24, FireCracker, Harlequin, DCTV, FrameBuffer, HAM-E, ColorBurst, IFF images
  • supported recorder decks include:
    • Panasonic AG-7750 with AG-F700 time-code card, AU-60/65/640/650/660/665, D3-50, TQ-3031, LQ-4000
    • Sony SVO-9600, EVO-9650/9850, BVU-800/820/850/870/950, VO-9850, BVH-2000/2500/3000/3100, BVW-40/70/75, DVR-10/18/20, LVR-3000/5000
    • JVC BR-S810/822, CR-825/850 with SA-F911, KR-M800/820/860
    • Pioneer VDR-V1000