Individual Computers, Germany
floppy port
    floppy adaptor
  • connects to the floppy ribbon cable between the controller and drive
  • allows a cheap high density PC floppy drive to be connected to the Amiga's floppy controller
  • if a Catweasel is installed Kylwalda allows both controllers to share access to the same drive, permitting double-speed HD access through Catweasel, yet preserving access to protected disks through Paula
  • switches between controllers automatically, depending on which recognizes the format
  • no extra software is needed
  • for two internal floppy drives two Kylwaldas have to be used
  • three 34 pin floppy connectors (from motherboard, from Catweasel, to floppy drive)
  • two 4 pin floppy power connectors (from power supply, to floppy drive)
  • does not work with standard Amiga floppy drives, neither DD nor twin-speed HD variants
  • can also integrate an ISA Catweasel with a PC floppy controller
Individual Computers Kylwalda -  front side
front side