Individual Computers, Germany
A1000, A500, A500+, A600, A2000, A3000, A3000T
Denise socket
  • all Amiga video modes up to Super Hires are supported and flicker-fixed (with the exception of the A2024 mode)
  • picture refresh rate of at least 60 Hz for all screen modes (can be reduced to 50 Hz to avoid tearing effects)
  • can output ECS screen modes even with an OCS denise installed, as long as a ECS Agnus is installed
  • scanline emulation for non-interlaced modes
  • built-in Graffiti emulation
  • stacked operation of two Indivision ECS allows a dual screen setup (with different content on each screen)
  • PAL and NTSC screen supported
  • supports border blanking
  • HD15 VGA connector
    • header on the board to attach the ribbon cable with the VGA connector
  • installs in the Denise socket, the Denise is replaced onto the board
  • grounding connection is recommended, a cable (with cable lugs) is provided
  • no driver needed, however additional screenmodes are supported:
    • HighGFX (1024×786)
    • HD720 (1280×720)
    • SuperPlus (800×600) - 16 colors out of 4096
  • with Picasso96 driver, 256 colors can be displayed on workbench screen
  • config tool provided to update flash memory and make adjustments to the output
  • suitable for all OCS and ECS Amigas, however acessories or modifications may be required:
    • A1000: adapter required due to the power supply being in the way
    • A500: no modification necessary
    • A500+: no modification necessary
    • A600: A603, A604 or A604n memory expansion required, metal shield (if present) has to be removed or cut
    • A2000: only for Rev. 4.1/4.3, one electrolytic capacitor (C225) must either be moved or replaced by a flatter version
    • A3000: RTC battery has to be moved or removed
    • A3000T: card has to be lifted with at least two additional sockets, covers the video slot and interferes with full-length Zorro cards in the uppermost slot
    • CDTV: no modification necessary