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any Amiga
parallel port
  • grabs images in 256 gray levels (the original colour capable FrameGrabber can achieve 16 gray levels only) - suitable for capturing 24 bit images in three pass
  • 24 bit colour images can be obtained with three pass digitizing using the supplied colour wheel
  • cannot digitize in realtime - digitization takes 1/30th of a second and transferring the image to the Amiga plus displaying it takes 5 to 25 seconds
  • uses its own built-in RAM to digitize and display 256 gray levels on the Amiga screen (framebuffer)
  • supported resolutions are 320×200, 320×400, 384×240 (overscan), 384×480 (overscan)
  • external control knobs for intensity and black level
  • four composite inputs (RCA connectors) working in two ways:
    • all inputs accept independent video signals, each of which can be either monochrome or colour composite (treated as monochrome) - the active input is selected via software
    • the first three inputs accept colour video as separate red green and blue signals, and the fourth accepts the composite synchronization signal - in tandem with a colour RGB video camera, a colour image can be taken without colour wheel, in three pass
  • connects to the parallel port (Centronics) and between the monitor and the RGB port (2× DB9)
  • external power supply