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any Amiga
parallel port
  • realtime digitizing in 1/60th of a second - but transferring the image to the Amiga takes several seconds
  • separate PAL and NTSC versions
  • supported NTSC resolutions are 320×200, 384×240 (overscan), 320×400, 640×200, 640×400
  • can digitize in colour (except in 640×400) in 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 (EHB) or 4096 (HAM) colours, in 16 grays or in definable pseudo colours
  • uses its own built-in RAM to digitize
  • external control knobs for intensity (brightness), hue (colour bias) and saturation
  • composite input (RCA connector)
  • connects to the parallel port (Centronics) and between the monitor and the RGB port (2× DB9)
  • external power supply
    FrameGrabber 2.0 software
  • pre-digitizing options:
    • Over Sampling - digitize an image any specified number of times up to 50 and combine them into a composite (gives far better results than a single capture)
    • Multiple Exposure - gives two samples
    • Mirror Image
    • Weighted - modifies the automatic contrasting performed
    • Auto Zone - improves image quality in the center at the expense of the border areas
    • these options can be combined in a variety of ways
  • post-digitizing options include: edge detection, sharpening, averaging, photographic negative
  • slow-scan mode - digitize a still object through the supplied colour wheel with a black and white camera
  • supported file formats:
    • IFF, IFF24, RAW
    • DV21 (DigiView Gold's 21 bit format)
    • Brush (for areas smaller than the screen)
    • Palette (for saving only colour information)
    • LUT (contains information for the pseudo colour option)
    • ANIM

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