Individual Computers, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000

clock port
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
4626 / 66
    floppy controller
  • can be installed either into any platform's PCI slot, into an Amiga Zorro II slot or to the A1200 clock port
    • clock port pin 40 is marked
  • the main purpose is to allow access to non-standard disks using normal 3.5" / 5.25" PC floppy drives without the need for a completely different computer
  • supports the same disk formats and file systems as the previous Catweasel versions
  • does not use DMA
  • the floppy drives attached to the Catweasel are not bootable
  • 34 pin floppy header
    emulation support
  • two DB9 connectors for Amiga/Atari/C64 digital joysticks and analogue paddles
  • mini-DIN connector for an A4000 keyboard
  • optional C64 SID playback support - socket for a 6581 or 8580
  • RCA audio output connector and internal CD audio header
Individual Computers Catweasel Mk3 -  front side
front side
Individual Computers Catweasel Mk3 - slot cover front side
slot cover, front side
  • cwdisk0100.lha
    Individual Computers
    install disk
    multidisk.device v3.48

    361 kB
  • mdisk362.lha
    Individual Computers
    multidisk.device v3.62
    22 kB