Individual Computers, Germany
trapdoor slot
  • CPU: 68030 @ 40 MHz, PGA
  • processor is soldered to the board
  • FPU: 68881/68882 can be mounted, with synchronous or asynchronous clock (with additional oscillator)
  • 128 MB SD-RAM, soldered to the board
  • memory clock: up to 80 MHz
  • 1MB RAM is always mapped to address 0x00c00000
  • 1MB RAM is reserved for FastROM option
  • memory autoconfig of the remaining RAM only for Kickstart v3.1 and above
    • for Kickstart 3.0, the memory has to be added by software
  • asynchronous design
  • clock port header, to be used for the RTC module from Individual Computers (not suitable for other clock port expansions)
  • card provides solder pads for FPU and FPU oscillator, although it is not available from manufacturer with equipped chip
    • with FPU, the load on the data bus is increased - disabling burst mode is recommended to have a stable operation, thus reducing speed of the card
    • the reduced speed resp. the need to disable the burst mode is the reason why the card has no socket and doesn't come with preinstalled FPU, as the manufacturer seeked for the fasted possible design
    • installing an FPU voids warranty
  • with the same CPU, the speed of the card is exactly the same as the predecessor ACA 1232