G2 Systems, UK
jeder Amiga
RGB-Port, Parallel-Port
  • a broadcast quality genlock in a 19" rack mount enclosure
  • composite, Y/C, RGB and Y/Cr/Cb modes
  • the function of the video input and output connectors (Keyer 1-3, 6× BNC, 2× mini-DIN) depend on the video mode selected on the front panel:
    Keyer 1Keyer 2Keyer 3
    RGB modeGRB
    Y/Cr/Cb modeYCrCb
  • composite, Y/C and RGBS outputs of the Amiga signal (5× BNC, 1× mini-DIN) - all are constantly available regardless of the selected video mode
  • the Y/C keyer BNC terminals are parallel with the 4 pin mini-DIN Y/C multipoles - both outputs should not be used simultaneously
  • key output (a standard non-composite waveform) for use with a video mixer (1× BNC)
  • reference input with loop connector (2× BNC)
  • must be provided with a stable accurate reference - direct videotape signals are not suitable
  • cross fade with external background signal
  • crossfade, key and fade to black via sliders on a separate remote control
  • background mode: colour zero is set to the overlay colour, video is seen through
  • foreground mode: the colour to be made transparent is controlled by a rotary switch
  • adjustable key colour, subcarrier and horizontal phase
  • can be used to encode the RGB output of a genlocked Harlequin graphics card, but it is not possible to obtain a signal mixed or keyed over a background video source using the VC3 internal keyers
  • software control via the parallel port
  • separate PAL and NTSC models
  • internal power supply
    optional RGB-Link board
  • enables an external linear RGB signal to be processed the same way as the Amiga signal
  • input the RGB-Link board is via a DB25 connector which replaces the Amiga software control port - the Amiga computer control facility is lost
  • switching between Amiga and external RGB is provided by the manual/computer switch on the front panel
    VC3C variant
  • provides all functions of the VC3 except for the 3 channels of keying
  • if fitted, the following ports are not available for use:
    • keyer inputs
    • Amiga control port
    • remote control port
    VC3B variant
  • provides RGB, Sync and key outputs only
  • if fitted, the following ports are not available for use:
    • keyer inputs and outputs (3 channels)
    • PAL and Y/C outputs
    • Amiga control port
    • remote control port
  • if fitted, the following front panel controls are not available for use:
    • RGB/CVBS/YCrCb switch
    • 2 subcarrier phase controls