MicroIllusions, USA
jeder Amiga
serieller Port
    Time Code Reader / Generator
  • reads and writes time code to video tape
  • supports SMPTE drop frame (NTSC, 29.97 fps), non-drop frame (NTSC, 30 fps), EBU (PAL, 25 fps) and Film (16/35 mm, 24 fps) time code formats
  • SMPTE in and out connectors (2× XLR)
  • video/sync input, loop-through and color-frame input connectors (3× BNC)
  • power, error, sync lock, video/sync input, and internal generation LEDs
  • five DIP switches to control baud rate, generator frame-count mode, output (toggles between continuous reader and reader/generator modes) and power
  • works together with MicroIllusions' EDLP (Edit Decision List Processor) software
  • can be used to lock MIDI sequences to audio or video tape
  • can make window dubs over video using just the Amiga and a genlock
  • ARexx port