Digital Processing Systems, Kanada
A2000, A3000, A4000
  • VM-2000 NTSC, VM-3000 PAL
  • the world's first waveform monitor and vectorscope for desktop video
  • produces a digitally synthesized waveform monitor and vectorscope display that can be superimposed onto any video signal
  • provides a buffered video output, a superimposed (software controlled) video output, a full-time waveform / vector video output
  • when combined with the Personal TBC II, III or IV, the V-Scope provides a fully integrated video processing, manipulating and monitoring environment
  • test signals: SMPTE colour bars, E/A bars, full field bars, bars / luma bars, bars / red, bars / reverse bars, bars / modulated timing pulses, luma only bars, multiburst 60 and 100 IRE, line sweep 0-4.2 MHz, chroma sweep 0-500 kHz, pulse and bars with window, convergence grid, black field 7.5 IRE, gray field 50 IRE, white field 100 IRE, red field, modulated 5 step, luma 5 step, modulated ramp, luma ramp, demodulator alignment ramp, FCC composite, NTC7 combination, multi pulse, sin (x)/x, matrix
  • software control
    • controlled via the serial port
    • selection of waveform / vector modes
    • enable / disable superimpose mode
    • integrated control with Personal TBC III
  • vector scope
    • displays colour component signals
    • graticule targets for colour bars test signal
    • linear quadrature decoder
  • waveform monitor
    • displays video signal level
    • graticule calibrated in IRE/m volt scales
    • 2H and 1H display modes
    • switchable low pass filter
Digital Processing Systems Personal V-Scope -  Vorderseite
Digital Processing Systems Personal V-Scope -  Vorderseite

Werbung (US)

Werbung (US)

Werbung (US)