Digital Processing Systems, Kanada
1994 & 1995
A2000, A3000, A4000
    video synchronizer
  • unlike infinite window TBCs, the MicroSync features four-field composite processing - this eliminates the need to separate the incoming video signal into chrominance and luminance components
  • delivers transparent, stable video, free of bandwidth limitations or comb filter artifacts
  • any direct color or monochrome signal can be connected, such as the output of a satellite receiver or camera
  • cannot process non time base corrected heterodyne signals, such as those from U-Matic or VHS machines - for those sources, the MicroSync can be mixed with the Personal TBC 4 Plus wideband TBC card
  • selectable frame and field freeze, variable strobe, digitally controlled proc amp settings, selectable hot-switch modes, dual clamp speeds, genlock loop, RS-232 serial control
  • four-field, two-field and hot frame modes, automatic bypass upon loss of power, nonvolatile proc amp memory, adjustable vertical blanking width
  • controlled via the serial port