Hama, Deutschland
jeder Amiga
RGB-Port, Joystick-Port
  • composite and Y/C inputs and outputs
  • automatic input recognition with priority for the Y/C signal
  • adjustable chroma, contrast, luminance and white level (separate red, green, blue) of video and computer picture
  • built in automatic color splitter for Deluxe View and DigiView
  • independent fading of the computer and video image
  • mixing (lap dissolve) and fade to black
  • inversion of mix functions (keyhole effect)
  • Y/C to RGB conversion even without Amiga
  • copy protection decoding
  • intergrated blackburst generator permits recording without incoming video signal
  • automatic switching to genlock mode at the presence of a video signal
  • bypass switch permits direct comparison of original and processed picture - does not affect the output video
  • monitor selector switch permits display of either the mixed picture or the Amiga picture
  • compatible with the A3000's display enhancer
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