PreVue Technologies, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
    delay distribution amplifier
  • provides buffered input video in time with Toaster Program output video
  • Key signal access to provide independent feeds of Key signals for use in downstream video equipment
  • provides direct support for InnoVision's Montage and AlphaPaint programs, exporting linear key (alpha) channel signals
  • extra Program/Preview buffers for driving monitors, VTRs, and other equipment
  • five video buffer amplifiers, three with delay lines
  • the buffers are strappable between Program output, Preview output, Inputs 1-4, Key source signal, and Key Insert video
  • the board cables into the Video Toaster feature connectors, it uses none of the six external BNCs
  • the delay lines can be strapped for a wide range of delay and adjusted for unity gain
  • factory set for delayed output of Input 4, Key Insert, and Key Source - can be configured with soldered straps
  • all delay channels (outputs A, B, and C) are factory aligned for unity gain and a delay of 440 ns, the typical delay of a Video Toaster
  • outputs D and E have no delay lines and are intended as additional Program and Preview outputs
  • output D is always a Program output, exactly the same as the Video Toaster's Program output, though with a slight delay (~20 ns) due to the additional circuitry
  • output E can be easily jumpered for either Program or Preview out
  • outputs D and E do have overall gain adjustments located at the top edge of the BreadBoard
  • the three delay channels (A, B, C) are capable of delaying any of seven signals: Toaster Inputs 1 through 4, internal Toaster Key Source (the "alpha" channel), internal Toaster Key Insert, and Toaster Preview out
  • the Key Insert signal is the direct output of one of the framebuffers, DV1 and DV2 - it is not viewable on a picture monitor as it lacks composite sync, it is only suitable as a key source
  • it is possible to install two BreadBoards into one system - the 16 wire ribbon cable has dual connectors on one end to facilitate this, the 10 wire ribbon cable need only connect to the BreadBoard that is strapped for Key Source
  • when two BreadBoards are ordered direct from VueTech, one will be set for Inputs 1, 2 and 3 and the other set for Input 4 and the two Key signals
  • five "Gain" potentiometers on top of the BreadBoard allow gain adjustment of the output signals
  • three "Delay" potentiometers allow fine delay adjustment of the output signals
  • High Frequency Compensation - a trimmer is provided on each delay channel to adjust high frequency response
  • the chroma level on the Program output of some Video Toasters is approximately 5% low - the BreadBoard may be modified to restore the chroma level to full level on the Toaster Program output of the BreadBoard
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