Hama, Deutschland
jeder Amiga
Parallel-Port, Joystick-Port
    video edit controller
  • receives commands from the Amiga through the parallel port and converts them to serial data for the 7 pin mini-DIN player and recorder remote ports
  • the video player must have an edit terminal, either 5 pin Edit (Panasonic), Control-L, Remote or LANC (Sony)
  • the video recorder is controlled through its infra-red port, meaning:
    • it cannot be connected in the same manner as the player
    • single-frame accuracy can never be achieved, just &plusminus;4 frames
    • the communication is one way, the Amiga does not receive any feedback from the recorder - any fluctuation in the deck's mechanism or skipping of the control track is not compensated for or spotted by the Amiga
    • to keep frame drifting to a minimum, the software offers an auxiliary frame counter which lets the user compensate for the pre-roll and post-roll of both decks
  • jog shuttle control - the start of cut-ins and finishing of cut-outs can be easily and accurately located
  • cuts are added to and stored in an edit decision list (EDL)
  • ARexx port
  • takes power from the joystick port
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