PreVue Technologies, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
    sync generator
  • designed to advance the sync reference signal for the Video Toaster so that the Toaster Program output signal will be in time with the sync reference signal
  • the sync reference can be either a standard Black Burst reference signal or any other stable test signal
  • separate subcarrier and horizontal adjustments are provided to establish SC/H phasing
  • a reference signal must be supplied to the Toast Timer - it is not designed to be used as a stand alone Black Burst generator and will not provide a proper signal without a reference input
  • includes a jumper that allows for extended range for use with other Video Toaster accessories such as Y/C interface boards
  • when the Toast Timer is used in conjunction with 1 or 2 BreadBoards feeding another downstream switcher, it is recommended that a Program output feed from one of the BreadBoards be connected as the Video Toaster input to the downstream switcher
PreVue Technologies Toast Timer -  Vorderseite
PreVue Technologies Toast Timer -  Vorderseite