Electronic Design, Deutschland
jeder Amiga
    time base corrector
  • regenerates the video signal with precise synchronization to reduce the quality loss when copying or editing video
  • composite and Y/C inputs
  • composite, Y/C and YUV outputs
  • automatic input recognition with priority for the Y/C signal
  • blackburst output and built in blackburst generator - the TBC-Enhancer can be used as the pulse rate basis for the whole studio
  • blackburst input - synchronizes the video source to the studio reference clock
  • the phase relation of the colour subcarrier can be adjusted in addition to the H-Phase
  • colour, contrast and RGB luminance adjustment
  • colour-shift adjustment
  • still picture, noise filter, copy protection decoder functions
  • VITC timecode support
  • LCD display for picture parameters and values
  • four different picture settings can be stored and recalled

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