Digital Processing Systems, Kanada
A2000, A3000, A4000
    time base corrector
  • component digital 4:2:2 processing
  • infinite window (3 fields) correction
  • composite, wideband S-VHS, reference video and GPI freeze trigger inputs
  • composite, wideband S-VHS and advanced sync outputs
  • full proc amp and colour balance, horizontal and vertical Y/C delay, freeze field, freeze frame, variable strobe, film-mode strobe, GPI freeze, memory store / recall, genlock timing
  • when combined with the Personal Animation Recorder:
    • the TBC IV functions as a live video capture board for the DR-2150 card
    • connects to the PAR with a 50 pin ribbon cable via the Component Video Exchange (CVE) bus
    • with this combination live video can be recorded on the animator's hard drive
  • NTSC only
  • 2.5 MHz (VT-2600) or 5.5 MHz (VT-2600WB) composite bandwidth, 5.5 MHz S-VHS bandwidth
  • 58 dB S/N ratio
  • optional DC-2600 Wideband Comb Filter Decoder daughtercard:
    • 3-line adaptive comb filter decoder boosts the composite bandwidth from 2.5 MHz to 5.5 MHz, making it suitable for use with U-Matic-SP VCRs
    • included with the TBC 4 Plus
  • controlled via the serial port
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