Electronic Design, Deutschland
jeder Amiga
RGB-Port, serieller Port
  • composite and Y/C inputs and outputs
  • automatic input recognition with priority for the Y/C signal
  • color, contrast and luminance knobs for the source video signal
  • independent fading of the computer and video image
  • fade to black
  • manual fading - the faders serve to set the degree of blending
  • automatic fading - the faders serve to set the fading time between 0.2 - 20 seconds
  • RGB monitor switch: switches the display between genlock and computer picture without affecting the video outputs
  • keying active switch: allows imposing the computer picture over a static video picture - when inactive the fader can be used to dissolve between full computer and video picture
  • keying invert switch: when inactive, video is projected onto the computer image where color 0 is - when active, video is shown at positions other than color 0
  • alpha overlay switch: allows semi-transparent colors or anti-aliasing
  • built in black burst generator for recording the computer image without receiving a video source
  • VITC timecode support
  • all functions can be controlled by software through the serial port
  • integrated ARexx port
  • standby mode - when the genlock is not needed it is possible to work on the computer without disconnecting it - all Amiga screen modes are passed through to the RGB monitor
  • for operation with the A3000's video enhancer, the "A3000" jumper has to be set on the Neptun's circuit board
  • takes power from the RGB port, but can use an external power supply too
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