Reiter Software, Canada
A500, A1000
side expansion port
    ST-506 controller
  • serves as host for IBM compatible HD controller cards
  • supported controller cards (A1000 version):
    • Western Digital WX1 or DTC5150
    • Western Digital WX2, but drives attached are limited to 20 MB
    • National Computer NDC5127-50, but 2.5 times slower than the WX1
  • the A500 version supports the Western Digital DTC5150 / 5160 cards only
  • the controller card is connected to the WEDGE card through a backplane with 8 bit XT slots - multiple controllers are supported by using a backplane with additional XT slots
  • basically the WEDGE hardware just maps the 8 bit I/O memory space of an attached card to the Amiga memory space ($EA0000 by default)
  • with proper software the WEDGE can be used with any type of XT cards (like serial cards or disk interfaces)
  • uses programmed I/O transfers
  • does not autoconfig
  • connects to the side expansion port
  • no passthrough connector
  • the system was sold either as a single WEDGE card or as complete package containing WEDGE, backplane, WX1 or DTC5150 controller card, case with power supply and a 20 MB or 40 MB MiniScribe hard disk drive
Reiter Software WEDGE -  back side
back side
Reiter Software WEDGE -  front side
front side
Reiter Software WEDGE - with controller card front side
with controller card, front side