Ingenieurbüro Helfrich, Germany
A3000, A4000

Zorro II
Zorro III
Autoconfig ID
2195 / 8
    realtime digitizer
  • a video expansion card for the Piccolo graphics card
  • connects to the Piccolo via a ribbon cable
  • realtime JPEG compression / decompression chipset
  • captures video in motion JPEG format
  • realtime video capture (50 fields or 25 fps) and playback at YUV 4:2:2 square pixel quality
  • 768×576 maximum resolution for still images
  • 468×352 maximum resolution for video
  • 16 ZIP sockets for 2 MB frame buffer VRAM
  • Composite and Y/C inputs
  • Composite, Y/C and analogue RGB outputs
  • Zorro II / III autosensing
  • the card works without the Piccolo but some features are not available:
    • no PIP (Picture In Picture)
    • only the RGB output is active
  • Videocruncher Lite does not support PIP at all and has a maximum resolution of 384×288 only
Ingenieurbüro Helfrich VideoCruncher & VideoCruncher Lite -  front side
front side
Ingenieurbüro Helfrich VideoCruncher & VideoCruncher Lite -  back side
back side