Interactive Video Systems, USA
CPU slot
Autoconfig ID
2112 / 242,243,244
  • 68EC030 @ 25 MHz, PGA
  • 68882 @ 25 MHz or up to 50 MHz with separate oscillator, PGA
  • eight 30 pin SIMM sockets accept 32 MB RAM
  • supports 1 or 4 MB SIMMs, 60 ns or faster
  • accepts SIMMs in groups of four giving 4, 8, 16, 32 MB RAM
  • two feature connectors intended for A2630 memory expansions
    • Access32 needs some rework, otherwise the SCSI controller does not work
    • for DKB 2632 compatibility the Extas (external address strobe) jumper has to be set to external
  • in 68000 fallback mode up to 8 MB of RAM remains in use - 4 MB (or all) can be disabled for BridgeBoard compability
  • burst RAM access can be disabled by jumper or software
    SCSI controller
  • the same electronics as the Trumpcard Professional
  • 53C80 controller IC
  • uses polled I/O, not DMA transfer
  • 50 pin internal header
  • 50 pin Centronics external connector
  • a 3.5" hard disk can be mounted on the card
  • autoboot ROM - autobooting requires at least Kickstart 1.3
  • when booting from floppy disk, the hard disk is not mounted automatically in order to prevent virus infection - but pressing the left mouse button during startup forces the HD to be mounted
  • pressing the right mouse button during startup brings up the Vector Boot Options Menu
  • SCSI share networking - Vector's SCSI ID can be set with jumpers
  • in 68000 fallback mode the SCSI controller still works
  • autoboot disable jumper and SCSI disable jumper
  • if run on an A500, the 7 MHz clock has to be fed to pin 9 on the board and the appropriate jumper has to be set
  • supported by NetBSD
    jumper settings
    JP5SCSI ID for SCSI Share Networking
    JP10ExtasAddress Strobe: external - jumper on left row; internal - jumper on right row
    JP13Enable Burst Mode
    JP14Dis68kRAMDisable RAM in 68000 mode (ignored in 68030 mode)
    JP16Diagstand-alone mode, not used
    JP17DisFastROMDisable FastROM (Kickstart remapping)
    JP18A500A500 mode
    JP19DisSCSIDisable SCSI (ignored in 68030 mode)
    JP20AutobootEnable Autoboot from HDD
    JP21DisHiMemDisable Hi-Mem (second 4 MB block) in 68000 mode (ignored in 68030 mode)
    JP12RAM size: 4 MB - no jumper; 8 MB - jumper on top row; 16 MB - jumper on bottom row; 32 MB - jumper on both rows
Interactive Video Systems Vector 030 -  front side
front side

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