Impulse, USA
A500, A1000, A2000
parallel port
  • composite video input - NTSC only
  • composite video output for viewing the grabbed image
  • pressing the space bar, the entire colour image is freezed on the composite monitor in 1/60th seconds and stored in VD-1's own 24 bit framebuffer
  • stores images in RGBN format internally
  • pressing the return key, the image is sent from the framebuffer to the Amiga and converted to 320×400 HAM
  • image transfer takes about 25 seconds through the parallel port
  • once the image is displayed on the Amiga screen, it can be refined (RGB levels, brightness, colour dithering) without recapturing - just press the return key to transfer the image from the framebuffer with the new settings
  • produces higher quality colour images than FrameGrabber
  • housed in a 14×14×2 inches box with internal power supply
  • 768×480 (full overscan) in 24 bit
  • allows outputting 24 bit raw RGB images from the Amiga
  • supported by Turbo Silver v3.0