C-Ltd., USA
  • battery backed up clock
  • connects between the A1000 and the keyboard
  • intercepts every keystroke before it's sent to the computer
  • allows the creation of keyboard macros, a combination of two or more keys which are translated into whole strings of characters
  • a predefined set of macros is already saved in EPROM
  • features an 8 bit microprocessor, 8 kB RAM and 8 kB EPROM
  • needs no special software to set the Amiga's clock, it simply sends an AmigaDOS Date command with the current date and time
  • the clock is controlled by the Help key + one of the function keys (eg. Help + F4 allows setting the clock, Help + F5 reads the current time)
  • the 'auto macro' feature automatically plays a macro after booting
  • optional password function (without the proper password the Amiga does not boot) - the maximum password length is 4 characters
  • command history for up to 1000 characters
  • two different versions for american and german keyboard layouts
  • all chips are socketed
C-Ltd. TimeSaver - Interior front side
Interior, front side
C-Ltd. TimeSaver - Exterior front side
Exterior, front side

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