Digital Creations / Progressive Image, USA
video slot
    internal Y/C genlock
  • consists of three parts: main video board, video breakout box, dissolve controller console
  • main board:
    • DB9 connector for the dissolve controller
    • DB25 connector for the breakout box
  • breakout box:
    • allows for transcoding various video formats in and out of the Amiga
    • mounted onto the back of the A2000
    • eight BNC connectors: Preview Chroma output, Preview Composite / Luma output, Fast Key input, Key output, Composite input, Composite thru, two Composite Overlay outputs
    • four S-VHS connectors: Y/C input, Y/C thru, two Y/C Overlay outputs
    • four switches: Preview select, Input select, Composite termination, Y/C termination
  • dissolve controller:
    • allows for overlaying video with Amiga graphics in a variety of ways via two sliders (graphics and background)
    • the Composite and S-VHS modes can be selected with a dual position rocker switch
  • software:
    • adjustable Dissolves (64 levels), VPos/Saturation, Chroma Phase, Horizontal Pos
    • Auto Dissolve, Notch Filter (significantly reduces the effects of chroma crawl and rainbowing artifacts), Internal Blanking (built-in sync generator), Auto Gain Chroma (helps to correct input video that has incorrect amplitude levels and also corrects colorburst to RS-170A level), Internal Key, Fastsync Clamp, Vertical Interval, Timing Enable, Alpha Key, RGB Termination
Digital Creations / Progressive Image SuperGen 2000s - Main board front side
Main board, front side
Digital Creations / Progressive Image SuperGen 2000s - Breakout box top side
Breakout box, top side
Digital Creations / Progressive Image SuperGen 2000s - Breakout box bottom side
Breakout box, bottom side

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