any Amiga
    integrate Amiga and PC
  • allows access to PC devices (hard disks, CD-ROM, network drives, printers) through the Amiga
  • allows sharing the same mouse and keyboard between Amiga and PC
  • allows sharing the same monitor with the optional video switcher card
    • installs into one of the PC's ISA slots
    • two HD15 VGA input connectors - one for PC and one for Amiga
    • one HD15 VGA output connector for the shared monitor
  • shared text clipboard
  • by default all communication is via the machines' serial ports with a null-modem cable
    Siamese v1.5 software
  • SCSI network support - accelerates data transfer between the Amiga and PC
  • supported Amiga SCSI controllers include: A3000(T)/A4000T motherboard controller, A4091, Oktagon, Surf Squirrel, DKB Ferret
  • supported PC SCSI controllers include: Adaptec 1505/1541/2940, NCR 810
    Siamese v2.1 software
  • TCP/IP networking support - data transfers through Ethernet
  • RTG support - open Amiga screens on the PC graphics card up to 256 colours
  • RTG works through either serial or TCP/IP connection
    Siamese v2.5 software
  • RTG up to 65536 colours
  • RTG works only through the TCP/IP connection
  • video playback acceleration - decoding and displaying is done by the PC graphics card
HiQ Siamese - Siamese Video Switcher  front side
Siamese Video Switcher, front side

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