AmiTrix Development, Canada
A500, CDTV
    SCSI controller
  • connects to the CDTV or A570 rear expansion port
  • place for a 2.5" hard disk (Quantum GO, GLS, Daytona drives)
    • SCSI-TV for the CDTV protrudes 1.75 inches out the back of the CDTV, and includes a black endcap for the unit
    • SCSI-TV/570 for the A570 extends 5 inches out the back of the A570, and includes a white endcap for the unit
  • 50 pin internal header - an adapter is included to connect 2.5" drives
  • DB25 external connector
  • RDB compatible
  • supports SCSI Direct
  • autoboot capability - Workbench 1.3 is supplied which is required for autobooting
  • uses DMA transfers - the DMA circuit is already built in the CD controller of the CDTV or A570
  • disable switch - required for playing audio CDs