Prime Image, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
    standards converter & time base corrector
  • accepts synchronous or non-synchronous inputs
  • mode selection and conversion of all world television standards: NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, SECAM (input only), PAL-N, NTSC 4.43
  • converts the Video Toaster NTSC input and output to PAL
  • composite, Y/C and genlock inputs
  • composite and Y/C outputs
  • transcodes simultaneously to both outputs from either input
  • automatic gain control
  • 3 levels detail enhance
  • controlled by the host computer terminal (via serial port) or the optional remote control unit:
    • proc amp video output adjustments, including video level (contrast), chroma level (stauration), hue (tint), setup (brightness)
    • field or frame freeze and strobe
    • horizontal and subcarrier system timing, horizontal position, Y/C delay
    • input select and signal enhancement
  • non-blurring / non averaging interpolation system
  • CCIR-601 4:2:2 processing
  • 5.5 MHz Y/C bandwidth
  • 58 dB S/N ratio
  • optional 3-way adaptive comb filter
    • separates the composite signal into its two components, Y (luminance) and C (chrominance) while maintaining bandwidth
    • reduces the differential phase, differential gain and K-factor specifications while ensuring the frequency response stays flat out to 5.5 MHz