Albrecht Computer Technik, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
    MIDI and wavetable interface
  • extends Prelude with MIDI In and Out ports
  • provides interface for a single board synthesiser with DSP effects such as the Yamaha DB50XG, Roland SCM55 or WaveBlaster CT190
  • generally it supports any add-on wavetables which fit the 26 pin feature connector of a SoundBlaster
  • a DB15 connector carries the MIDI signals - an adaptor (gameport - MIDI cable) converts this into five standard DIN sockets
  • audio is output to the AUX1 channel of Prelude's sound mixer, otherwise reserved for CD-ROM audio
  • there's no way to record the digital synth output without looping it back into Prelude's analogue inputs
  • there's no access to the DSP effects for anything except wavetable sound
  • the MIDI output shares the same port as the wavetable card - distinct channels have to be assigned for internal and external instruments
  • supplied with CAMD driver software
  • supported by Samplitude Opus
Albrecht Computer Technik Rombler -  front side
front side
Albrecht Computer Technik Rombler -  back side
back side