Pangolin Laser Software, USA
A2000, A3000
    Laser Display Controller
  • provides up to 4 channels to control a Laser Display system (XY-I or XYZ-I) to perform laser shows
  • uses the 4 sound channels of the Amiga for controlling - as the Amiga provides only 2 stereo channels (mixed sound), the card is needed to have 4 independent channels
  • 4× RCA connectors on the slot bracket
  • each connector provides bipolar direct current (DC), -5 to +5 volts
  • connector assignment (X, Y, Z, I) depends on the software and attached system
  • board connects only to Paula socket via 48 pin connector attached to a ribbon cable
  • Paula functions, like disk operations and the standard left and right audio outputs, are realized by the board, the chip is not needed any longer
  • supported by Pangolin Laser Show Designer LD200 and LD300 software packages
  • up to 256 colors
  • 1 laser projector operated
  • 3D and 2D mode
  • script-based programming to generate laser shows
  • support for up to 4 (LD200) resp. 8 (LD300) tracks
  • two clips (CEAC - black one, HIRAM - red one) have to be connected to 2 resistors on the board:
    • A2000: CAEC to R409 (rear side), HIRAM to R407 (rear side)
    • A3000: CAEC to R404 (right side), HIRAM to R405 (right side)
  • although intended as laser controller, the card and software can also be used for other DC control voltage applications
  • a3000-qm8.htm

    A3000 installation instructions (english)