Pangolin Laser Software, USA
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
    Laser Display Controller
  • provides analogue and digital channels to control a Laser Display system (XYZ-RGB-I) to perform laser shows
  • DB-25F connector on the slot bracket
  • each analogue output provides bipolar direct current (DC)
    • X, Y, Z channels: -5 to +5 volts
    • R, G, B channels: 0 to +5 volts
  • depth cueing input for 3D applications
  • blanking support
  • supported by Pangolin Laser Show Designer LD400 software package
  • up to 16.800.000 colors
  • up to 4 laser projector operated (requires multiple QM16 cards)
  • 3D and 2D mode
  • script-based programming to generate laser shows
  • support for up to 32 tracks
  • support for real-time 3D manipulations
  • support for up to 10,000 3D laser frames with up to 2,000 points per frame
  • renumbering laser graphics
  • real-time laser preview
  • Asteroids laser game
  • although intended as laser controller, the card and software can also be used for other DC control voltage applications
  • no protection circuitry on the digital outputs
Pangolin Laser Software QUADMOD16 (QM16) -  front side
front side
Pangolin Laser Software QUADMOD16 (QM16) -  back side
back side