Elsat, Poland
trapdoor slot
Autoconfig ID
17740 / 1,3
  • turns the CD32 into an A1200
  • external box placed under the CD32, connects to the rear expansion connector
  • passthrough connector, the FMV module still fits inside the CD32
  • one 72 pin SIMM socket
  • accepts up to 4 MB RAM with the FMV module installed or 8 MB without it
  • supports 2, 4 or 8 MB SIMMs
  • memory disable switch
  • serial DB25 male, RS232
  • parallel DB25 female, Centronics
  • video DB23 male, analog RGB
  • floppy DB23 female
  • internal 34 pin floppy header
  • internal 40 pin IDE header
  • 5 pin DIN connector for an IBM-AT keyboard
  • power connector for optional external A500/A1200/A600 power supply
  • optional FPU
  • place for a 3.5" hard disk inside the case
  • 880 kB floppy drive
  • supports up to three external floppy drives
  • disables the Aux port so only IBM-AT keyboards can be used
  • battery backed up clock
    jumper settings
    JP1, JP2FPU clockAsynchronous / Synchronous
    JP3Real Time Clock WriteEnable / Disable
    JP4Hard Disk ResetEnable / Disable
    JP5, JP6Memory Size0 MB - OFF OFF
    2 MB - ON OFF
    4 MB - ON ON
    8 MB - OFF ON
    JP12External FloppyLeft - DF0:, Right - DF1:
    JP13Expansion RAMEnable / Disable
Elsat ProModule (Shuttle) - Board front side
Board, front side
Elsat ProModule (Shuttle) - Case front side
Case, front side
Elsat ProModule (Shuttle) - Board back side
Board, back side
Elsat ProModule (Shuttle) - Connector board front side
Connector board, front side