Intelligent Data Systems, Germany
A500, A1000
A2000, A3000, A4000

side expansion port
Zorro II
    multifunctional Zorro slot expansion
  • Zorro slot converter, EPROM burner and Kickstart switcher combined into one expansion
  • ProKick XL features 4 Zorro II slots (ProKick only one)
  • plugs into side expansion connector
  • passthrough connector
    EPROM burner
  • meant for burning Kickstart EPROMs from 256 KB (Kickstart v1.x) to 512 KB (Kickstart v2.x/v3.x)
  • supports 27C2001 (2 MBit) and 27C4001 (4 MBit) EPROMs
  • already prepared for 8 MBit EPROMs - using them require a change of GAL and FPGA (IC1 and IC2)
  • Kickstart files may not be split
  • only burning possible, no erasing
  • the ProKick / ProKick XL can also be installed in an A2000, with limited use though
  • Zorro cards are mounted vertically
  • the Kickstart installed on the ProKick is mapped to the memory range $F80000-$FFFFFF, thus the original Kickstart ROM, or the Kickstart WOM and Bootloader ROM in case of A1000, is not accessible
  • 512 kB or 1 MB of EPROM space can be installed in total
  • expansion doesn't work with only one EPROM equipped, so always both sockets have to be occupied
  • part of the EPROM can be used for own software, e.g. Autoboot driver, if the Kickstart doesn't occupy all of the EPROM space
  • optional angled adapter:
    • available as an accessory for the ProKick (not suitable for the ProKick XL)
    • plugs into the Zorro slot
    • allows horizontal Zorro card mounting
    • offers an additional Zorro II slots (two in total)
  • a design tower case was available that allowed mounting the ProKick XL and an A500 motherboard in it
Intelligent Data Systems ProKick / ProKick XL -  front side
front side
Intelligent Data Systems ProKick / ProKick XL -  back side
back side