Phoenix Microtechnologies, Australia
Autoconfig ID
2101 / 34
    replacement A1000 motherboard
  • replaces the original A1000 motherboard
  • includes all ports of the original A1000 motherboard
  • adds a Zorro II and a video slot
  • Paula, Denise, the CIAs and the 68000 have to be transfered from the old motherboard
  • Agnus is not transfered, it is replaced by Fat Agnus
  • ECS compatible
  • Kickstart 1.3 preinstalled
  • can hold four Kickstarts, two of which can be selected with the Kickstart Swap Switch
    • two sockets for standard Commodore Kickstart ROMs
    • four sockets for a set of up to 4×8 megabit EPROMs
    • one socket for a 16 bit wide EPROM (8 megabit)
  • internal RS232 serial header (same as on the A2000 motherboard)
  • monochrome video output (RCA) instead of the A1000's composite colour output
  • PGA FPU socket and oscillator socket
  • disk drive swap switch - allows booting from a floppy disk drive other than DF0:
  • software switching of the 7.5 kHz audio filter - disabling the filter dramatically improves sound quality
  • battery backed up clock
  • all chips are socketed
    memory on motherboard
  • 16 DIP sockets accept up to 2 MB RAM
  • accepts 256k×4 DIPs in groups of four
  • possible configurations:
    • 512 kB Chip RAM
    • 512 kB Chip + 512 kB Fast RAM
    • 1 MB Chip RAM
    • 1 MB Chip + 1 MB Fast RAM
    • 2 MB Chip RAM (requires Super Agnus to be installed)
    optional memory daughterboard (Photo)
  • 16 ZIP sockets for 8 MB RAM
  • takes 1M×4 ZIPs
  • connects into the 96 pin DIN connector
    SCSI controller
  • autoboot ROM
  • 5380 controller IC
  • 50 pin internal SCSI header
  • optional DB25 external connector kit
  • optional internal hard disk mounting kit
  • SCSI-Direct support
  • does not support the RDB standard
  • on revision I motherboards a hardware interrupt logic is implemented
    • allows the SCSI subsystem to work with disconnect/reconnect and diskchange interrupts
    • provides better compatibility with SCSI2 hardware and CD-ROMs
    • increases performance of non-HD devices
  • A-Max driver
    optional genlock clock module
  • with a 2 MB ECS Agnus genlocks are not supported without this module
  • connects into the oscillator socket of the Phoenix motherboard
Phoenix Microtechnologies Phoenix Board -  front side
front side

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