Mainhattan Data, Germany
any Amiga
parallel port
    SCSI adapter
  • converts the parallel port signals to SCSI signals
  • a 5×4×1 cm box
  • connects to the parallel port and provides a DB25 SCSI connector - the parallel port is not passed through
  • some versions get power from the RGB port, others from the mouse/game port - in both cases the port is passed through
  • very slow - the parallel port limits the data transfer
  • can reboot, but cannot autoboot
  • RDB compatible
  • compatible with the A2088XT and A2286AT with BridgeBoard software from or after 23.11.88.
Mainhattan Data Paradox SCSI - Case top side
Case, top side
Mainhattan Data Paradox SCSI - Board front side
Board, front side
Mainhattan Data Paradox SCSI - Board back side
Board, back side