C't, Germany
68000 socket
  • third generation of the Prozessor Austausch Karte - Processor Exchange Board
  • developed by the editors of the german computer magazine c't
  • schematics and GAL equations has been fully published in the magazine
  • designed to emulate the MC68000 processor bus interface at best, so it can be used in Ataris and Macs as well
  • PAK-68/3-020: 68020
  • PAK-68/3-030: 68030
  • 14.3 MHz (synchronous) or 32 / 36 / 40 MHz (asynchronous) - could be run in either modes, but requires different GALs
  • optional 68881 or 68882 - runs at the same speed as the CPU
  • optional 32 kB level 2 cache
  • four EPROM sockets for 32 bit Kickstart access
  • memory expansion is possible for the 030 version only
  • the 020 and 030 versions have slightly different layout
  • five GALs - there are different GAL sets for each configuration (computer type, CPU type, CPU mode)
  • plugs into the 68000's socket
  • optional 68000 fallback mode - the 68000 can be installed onto the PAK with an additional GAL
C't PAK-68/3 - FRAK30  front side
FRAK30, front side
C't PAK-68/3 - FRAK30  back side
FRAK30, back side
C't PAK-68/3 - PAK/3-030  front side
PAK/3-030, front side
C't PAK-68/3 - PAK/3-030  back side
PAK/3-030, back side