C't, Germany
68000 socket
  • successor of the original PAK-68 (Prozessor Austausch Karte - Processor Exchange Board)
  • developed by the editors of the german computer magazine c't
  • schematics has been fully published in the magazine
  • can be used in 68000 based Ataris and Macs as well
  • less error prone design - processing flow with state machines
  • the discrete logic had been put into GALs, allowing easy reconfiguration in case of timing changes
  • the GAL based layout is smaller, making room for ROM/RAM sockets which were located on piggy-back boards on the old board
  • 68020 @ 14 / 16 MHz, PGA
  • optional 68881 or 68882 @ 14 / 16 MHz, PGA - runs at the same speed as the CPU
  • four 32 pin sockets for up to 512 kB ROM / SRAM
  • when occupied with ROMs, access to OS ROM is 32 bit wide
  • SRAMs with 100ns or faster access speed can also be fitted but an additional decoder GAL is necessary
  • ROM access can be sped up by 40% by setting a jumper, which disables ROM synchronisation to the 8 MHz clock
  • plugs into the 68000's socket
  • either a 68000 has to be put on top of the board or an additional GAL has to be installed