RBM Digitaltechnik, Germany
trapdoor slot
    Zorro busboard
  • 5× Zorro II slots
  • does not support DMA - many SCSI cards are ruled out
  • does not comply with the Zorro II specifications:
    • /XRDY (External Ready - used for adding wait states) is halfways implemented
    • /OVR (/DTACK Override - used for delaying Zorro bus cycle termination) is not implemented at all
    • as a side effect it is possible to achieve 2-cycle Zorro accesses - faster than other Zorro boards if the card can take advantage of it
  • optional extended video slot - VidiON ex module
  • a Zorro III upgrade with A4000 style CPU slot (TurboON 32) was planned but never realised
  • connects to the trapdoor slot - the connector is passed through for accelerator cards
  • the board is part of the RBM Towerhawk 1200 IIex tower system