BSC / Alfa Data, Germany
A2000, A3000, A4000
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
2092 / 18
    serial interface
  • two serial ports controlled by MC68681P
  • up to 115200 bps transfer speed
  • 3 byte FIFO buffer
  • two 26 pin internal headers
    • the first is directly wired to the DB9 connector on the slot cover of the card
    • the second is for the ribbon cable of the DB25 connector on the separate slot cover
  • the MC68681 is a 4 MHz version overclocked to 7 MHz in order to reach the 115200 bps transfer rate
  • the 31250 bps MIDI rate is supported only when the 7.3728 MHz oscillator is replaced by 4 MHz - this disables the higher bitrates (115200, 57600, 33600, 19200)
  • does not support the RI (Ring) signal
  • supported by Linux and NetBSD
    parallel interface
  • one bidirectional DB25 parallel port controlled by MC6821P
  • faster transfer speed than IOExtender's
  • supported by Linux and OpenBSD
  • ParNet driver
  • multiple Multiface 3 cards are supported in one machine
  • no ROM or EPROM - no autoconfig drivers, duart.device (serial) and pit.device (parallel) have to be mounted with the supplied MFC program
BSC / Alfa Data MultiFaceCard 3 -  front side
front side
BSC / Alfa Data MultiFaceCard 3 -  back side
back side

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