Newtronic Technologies, Italy
any Amiga
RGB port
  • composite and Y/C inputs and outputs
  • no transcoding between the signals
  • connecting both Y/C and composite signals simultaneously is not supported
  • fader knob - the fading range is limited
  • two switches select between the operation modes:
    • genlocked mode - colour zero is transparent, all others float above the live video backdrop
    • inverse mode (keyhole effect) - colour zero is solid, all other colours produce holes
    • video passthrough mode - Amiga graphics is hidden
    • Amiga passthrough mode - useful for recording Amiga graphics only
  • toggling the switches may cause loss of sync or loss of colour
  • unable to handle extreme overscan effectively - the left side of the Amiga screen overlaps the video image
  • plastic case - negligible shielding leads to cross interference from other video equipment