MicroniK, Germany
any Amiga
RGB port
  • composite and Y/C inputs and outputs
  • automatic input recognition with priority for the Y/C signal
  • color, contrast and luminance knobs for the source video signal
  • video signal enhancer
  • R, G, B adjustment knobs for the Amiga signal
  • separate Amiga and video fader knobs
  • bypass switch: switches the display between genlock and computer picture - does not affect the video outputs
  • alpha channel for transparent foregrounds
  • genlocked mode - colour zero is transparent, all others float above the live video backdrop
  • inverse mode (keyhole effect) - colour zero is solid, all other colours produce holes
  • DB9 connector for the SEG-200 special effects generator
  • external power supply
MicroniK Genlock MG-25 -  front side
front side
MicroniK Genlock MG-25 -  rear side
rear side