Palomax, USA
A500, A1000
A2000, A3000

side expansion port
Zorro II
Autoconfig ID
2030 / 0
    hard disk controller
  • serves as host for IBM compatible HD controller cards
  • semi-"do it yourself" project - the interface is partly assembled and tested but still needs some soldering and assembling
  • supports IDE, ST-506 / ST-412 (MFM and RLL) and ESDI interfaces
  • supports WD 1002/1004/1006/1007, OMTI 8127/5527 and DTC 5150 controllers
  • can take up to four controller cards for a total of eight drives - types and drive sizes can be mixed
  • autoboot ROM
  • the priority of booting and mounting is selectable
  • programmed I/O transfers with multi-sector blocks (up to 256 sectors)
  • write-thru track buffer with selectable read threshold sensing for faster file transfers
  • A500 / A1000 version:
    • passthrough connector
    • no case for the controller and drive, no power supply
  • Zorro II version:
    • optional hard disk mounting bracket
    • with two controllers, only one slot position is taken when installed in the rightmost Zorro slot
  • incompatible with Lucas / Frances
  • supports FFS and Kickstart 1.3 / 2.0
  • A-Max II driver
  • with the proper software the Palomax can be used for any type of hardware (like serial cards or disk interfaces) - drivers for DSP and other complex PC hardware were in development